My name is Ryan Waggoner. I’m an independent iOS developer in NYC who helps startups and other organizations plan and build amazing mobile apps.

Unlike other consultants or developers, I’m both an experienced product manager and an active developer. As a result, I can ensure a strategy that furthers your business goals and is technically feasible.

I’ve worked with Nike, Fannie Mae, Bayer, VMWare, and dozens of startups on their mobile strategy and execution across dozens of apps and millions of active users. You can read more about some recent projects.

What sorts of things does Ryan do as an iOS developer?

  • I lead strategy planning sessions with founders and other senior stakeholders on how to best leverage mobile technologies to accomplish desired goals. The result is everyone being aligned on the same winning strategy.
  • I plan detailed technical architecture, supervise internal or outsourced dev teams, and perform rapid development and deployment of mobile apps. The result is a solid foundation for future growth and iteration of your mobile strategy. You can see some recent results here.
  • I design and manage long-term maintenance plans for mobile apps. The result is sustainable growth of your technology platform at predictable expense so you can focus on growing your business.
  • I teach workshops for internal dev teams on modern development, testing, and deployment of mobile apps. The result is an immediate increase in effectiveness for dev teams.

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What else can Ryan do for us?

Periodically, I send out useful and thoughtful articles on how to build amazing mobile apps, especially for startups. You should subscribe right now:

What if we’re hiring an iOS developer?

If you need additional support, you may be able to hire me, assuming the project is a good fit for both sides. The next step is a short conversation to discuss your goals.

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About Ryan

Ryan Waggoner, iOS developer in NYCI’m Ryan Waggoner, an iOS developer in NYC, and I can help you build a user-focused mobile experience that furthers your business goals. I’ve been consulting since 2007 and I’ve helped dozens of organizations build engaging products for web and mobile. Together, these projects have grown to many millions of active users. For more info, check out some case studies about recent projects.